How Much Does Gutter Guard Installation Or Replacement Cost Sydney 2024

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A gutter guard is an important part of the house, as it prevents the gutters from clogging and helps stop pests from building their homes in your gutters. It helps create a barrier against bigger pest problems that can be caused by birds, rodents, and snakes. This also prevents debris and leaves from getting collected in your gutters and jamming up the system. If you do not have gutter guards installed, then you will eventually have to clean your gutter or hire a professional for the cleaning every once in a while.

However, having gutters does not mean that they will not need to be serviced, repaired, or replaced. They can get damaged with time, start leaking, and result in the growth of mould, which can damage your roof. Gutter replacement and gutter installation are two different things. When you decide to replace your gutter, it means completely removing the old one and replacing it with a new one. Replacing needs to be done when the gutter guard is damaged, deteriorated, or no longer functioning.

Gutter installation is done when your home does not have gutters and you decide to install brand-new gutters in your house for the very first time. However, when you install gutters, make sure that you also install gutters along with them for the numerous benefits and to increase the lifespan of the gutters. If you are wondering how much it would cost you to install or replace the gutter guards, then you are at the right place. Here we will provide every bit of information about gutter guards, including the cost, materials, types, and other things that must be considered before opting for a gutter guard installation or replacement.

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1. Signs When Gutter Guard Needs Replacement?

What Is The Gutter Guard Replacement

Gutter Guard plays a crucial role in protecting the gutters from various kinds of things that can damage the gutter and eventually lead to harming your home. During rains, the gutters divert the excessive rainwater towards the drainage and help keep the foundation free from water. Gutter guards work as a shield and stop debris from collecting, preventing clogs from happening and avoiding any kind of damage that can be caused by water. 

However, with time, the guards will get old and start to take damage, and then they won’t be able to efficiently guard the gutters. This will generate other problems, such as harming the gutter and causing dampness to your property. So, if you are pondering, how will you know when your gutter guards need to be replaced? Then below, you will see a few signs that will indicate that you should replace your gutters.

I. Sagging Gutters

Sagging is the most common and easily noticeable sign that your gutter guards need to be replaced. In most cases, this kind of physical damage is caused by the impact of something heavy, like the falling of an object such as a branch. Sagging can also cause cracks and tears, which will allow the debris to bypass them and then get stashed in the gutters.

II. Loose Section

When the sections of the gutter guards start to get loose or detached, it is time to replace the guards before they cause the gutter or your home any big damage. Having loose guards will create gaps, and this makes portions of the gutter vulnerable and unprotected. When the guards are detached, it will make a way for the debris to easily enter.

III. Rusty Gutters

Even if you have gutter guards of great quality, with passing time and going through changing climate conditions, the guards will eventually get rusty and corrode. This will make the guards weak and compromise their ability to protect the gutters. So, when you see that the guards are starting to rust, consider this a sign to replace them.

2. Factors To Consider Before Installing Gutter Guards

Factors To Consider Before Installing Gutter Guards

If you are thinking about installing gutter guards in your home, then, before beginning with this task, it is important to carefully pay attention to the details and consider the other aspects. This will ensure the fact that you will have a successful and proper installation of the gutter guards. There are several factors, such as the kind of gutters you have and the measurements. Your roof type will also affect the installation process. Whatever the weather, you decide to install the guards and the type of gutter guards you will require for your gutters. 

I. Width of Gutters

There are plenty of different types of gutters with different designs and measurements. It is really important for you to choose the type of gutter guard that will be compatible with the size of the gutters. So first, you will need to measure the size. The most common size of the gutter is 5 inches in width, but it can vary depending on the design of your house. You need to buy a guard that fits perfectly with your gutter for effective performance.

II. Roof Type

The type of roof you have in your house can greatly affect the installation process of the gutter guards. There are many different kinds of rooftops with various kinds of designs and materials. All of these factors will eventually influence the procedure. If you have a roof that is pitched or sloped, then it determines how water flows from the surface to the gutters. Rooftops that are more vertical will clear water quite rapidly, which will require you to install a gutter guard that will be able to handle this.

III. Climate

You also need to consider the climatic situation of the area you live in. If you choose to install the gutter guards in cold weather conditions, then you need to be sure that the guards are made from highly durable materials that will be able to handle freezing temperatures without getting damaged by ice and snow. Cold regions have lots of snowfall, which goes through the cycle of melting and refreezing. This prevents the water from draining properly. Areas with extreme hot and cold temperatures will result in the expansion and contraction of the materials. Make sure you keep all of these in mind before installing gutter guards.

IV. Guard Type

There are many different styles of gutter guards on the market. You need to be sure that you choose a gutter guard that fits perfectly with the gutter in your home. Each one of them has a different shape and material. This eventually affects the pricing of the cost of installation. So, before you set out to install the gutter guards, you need to plan your budget and select the most suitable one that fits perfectly in the category. Since you are investing your money, make sure you install durable guards that will work efficiently and effectively for several years.

3. Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards

Installing Gutter Guards

There are a number of benefits that come with installing gutter guards. Many homeowners make the common mistake of not thinking about their gutter system. However, this ultimately results in some kind of major problem. Fixing that problem causes them lots of stress and pain. They also need to spend a lot more money on fixing the issue than they would have spent on buying and installing the gutter guard. Below, you will see some of the most amazing benefits that you will get from installing gutter guards in your home. 

I. Protecting Your Home

Installing gutter guards does not just protect your gutters; it also saves your home from any kind of damage. When there is no gutter guard, there is a high chance of your gutters getting clogged. This creates lots of problems in your home. When water can’t flow freely through the gutter systems, it increases the risk of spilling from the roof, which can cause leaks in your home. It can also force the fascia to disintegrate, which results in damaging your home structure. You can avoid all of these problems simply by installing gutter guards. 

II. Controlling Pests

Other than stopping gutters from getting clogged, gutter guards can also prevent or block pests from making their homes in your gutter system. This creates a barrier and stops birds, rodents, and even snakes from moving into your gutter system. Gutter guards are incredibly well-known for controlling pest problems. If your house does not have this defence system, then pests will easily find their way into your gutter, and this will potentially damage your home. In addition, if the gutters get clogged, they will offer a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other types of insects. Problems like these should be avoided by taking the necessary steps.

III. Reduces the Need to Clean Gutters

A gutter that does not have guards installed gets easily dirty and is often blocked by debris like leaves and twigs. This requires the homeowners to increase a task on their to-do list of activities by either cleaning the gutters themselves or spending money on hiring a professional for the clean-up job. These are the most common reasons that many homeowners decide to install gutter guards in their homes. It filters the debris and stops the gutter from getting clogged, which eventually results in reducing the need to clean gutters. This one-time investment can save you lots of money by regularly hiring a professional gutter cleaner for the job.

4. What Is the Cost of Replacing Gutter Guards?

Cost Of Gutter Replacement

Till this point, we have talked about lots of different things, like the signs when you should replace the gutter guards and the benefits of installing them, different factors that you should consider before installing gutter guards, and much more. Now let’s talk about the cost that you will need to spend on the replacement of gutter guards in Sydney. The first thing you need to know is that there are many different types of gutter guards, and the expense of replacing them with new ones varies depending on the type of material they have and the company you choose. If you are choosing a gutter guard that has a high brand value, then you will need to pay more for it. However, if you decide to install a local gutter guard, then the cost will be considerably less than the branded one. Below is a list of the different types of gutter guards, along with information about them.

I. Plastic PVC Screen

The first gutter guard on our list is the plastic PVC screen. This is one of the most affordable gutter guards you can find on the market. You need to spend about $0.60 to $1.60 per linear foot. However, since the price is low, you won’t be getting a great-quality guard. It will also require regular maintenance.

II. Metal Mesh Guard

The next are mesh guards. They are made from metal and have even smaller holes than the PVC screen guards, which provides your gutter with more safety from debris. It has a higher quality, so you will need to pay more. The cost starts at $1.00 to $3.00. It can last about 3 to 12 years, which makes it a worthy investment. 

III. Aluminum Perforated Cover

The aluminium-perforated cover is quite popular for its durability. The cost of installing these gutter guards is between $0.70 and $1.50 per linear foot. One of the best qualities of these gutters is that they cannot get rusted or wrapped. It has a great lifespan and can be replaced only after 12 to 22 years. 

IV. Steel Screen

Steel screens are a bit expensive for gutter guards compared to other guards. The price of this is about $1.80 to $3.50 per linear foot. It can last up to 6–12 years and also offers you another option. You can also choose powder-coated steel screens that are more durable and efficient than normal steel screens. However, you will have to pay a little extra for these qualities. 

V. Foam Guard

The simplest gutter guards to install are the foam guards. All you need to do is simply insert the guard in the shape of a roll in the gutter. This keeps debris like tiny branches and leaves out of the gutters and makes sure that water flows freely. The cost of this guard is about $2.22 to $4.30 per linear foot. 

VI. Micro-Mesh

The cost of these guards is in the range of $2.50 to $4.00 per linear foot. The micro-mesh gutter guards are a bit tricky to install or replace. They can operate for 5 to 10 years. Even though they are a bit expensive, they are extremely good at blocking even the smallest particles of debris, such as pesky needles. This makes it a money-well-spent addition to your home.

VII. Surface Tension Gutter Helmets

The next gutter guard falls under the option of expansive range. It costs from $3.75 to $6.90 per linear foot. Surface Tension Gutter Helmets are made from a solid piece of metal that covers the top of the gutter and effectively stops the entry of debris. The best part is that it only requires occasional cleaning and can last up to 10 to 20 years.

VIII. Brush Guard

Brush guards are quite similar to foam guards and can be replaced and installed without any kind of trouble. This gutter guard is built of twisted wires and helps stop large debris. However, small debris can still pass through it. You will need to maintain it by regularly cleaning it. The cost of this guard is $3.30 to $4.60 per linear foot, and it lasts for about 3 to 5 years.

To know more about the materials, their average cost, and how much you will need to spend on 100 linear feet, Please check the table below:
Plastic PVC Screen $0.40 to $1.18 $40.00 to $118.00
Metal Mesh Guard $1.25 to $3.00 $125.00 to $300.00
Aluminum Perforated Cover $0.76 to $1.48 $76.00 to $148.00
Steel Screen $1.80 to $3.35 $180.00 to $335.00
Foam Guard $2.24 to $4.32 $224.00 to $432.00
Micro-Mesh $3.00 to $4.00 $300.00 to $400.00
Surface Tension Gutter Helmets $3.64 to $6.78 $364.00 to $678.00
Brush Guard $3.20 to $4.60 $320.00 to $460.00

5. Cost of Installing Gutter Guards On The Basic Linear Foot

Basic Linear Foot

When it comes to gutter guards, it is important to understand that the manufacturers sell these guards based on the linear feet. The installers decide the fees for their services according to the linear foot. It means the longer your gutter is, the more gutter guard material you will require, and it will eventually result in spending a large amount of money on the installation or replacement. To get an idea about how much an individual will need to pay according to the linear feet. Please take a look at the table given below:

25 feet $18 to $190
50 feet $36 to $380
100 feet $70 to $760
150 feet $115 to $1,135
200 feet $150 to $1,500
250 feet $180 to $1,899
300 feet $215 to $2,260

6. What Affects The Price Of Gutter Guard Installation/Replacement?

The Price Of Gutter Replacement

Gutter guards are a valuable and worthy investment that give you a guarantee to protect your home from debris and make sure to have a smooth and efficient water flow. There are several factors on which the price of replacing gutter guards depends. The cost can depend on factors like the type of gutter guard, materials, length of gutter, the complexity of the roof, and above all, whether you decide to do it yourself as a DIY project or hire a professional for this job.

I. Gutter Material

The materials used to manufacture the gutter guard have a huge impact on its price. Each of the gutter guards made of plastic, PVC, aluminium, copper, and stainless steel has a different price range. These are also some of the most common materials that are used by companies to manufacture gutter guards. Durability, maintenance, and longevity depend on the materials and quality.

II. Gutter Shape

The manufacturing of the gutter guards also involves them being created in various shapes that suit perfectly with different kinds of architectural styles and functional requirements. These shapes include half-round, square-line, and quad gutters. The half-round gutters are usually the most expensive shape due to their elegant appearance and efficient water-flowing characteristics. It is also important to consider the kind of shape you want for your gutters. 

III. Length Of Gutter

The length of the gutter is measured in the linear foot, and the amount of gutter guard material needed is directly connected to it. Even professional gutter installers charge their fees according to the length of the gutter. The longer its length, the more expensive the gutter guard replacement will become. 

IV. Time

The total time consumed in the installation or replacement of the gutter guards can also affect the price. If the job is complex and requires more than what is needed, the installer will increase the rates, and you will need to spend more than what you actually planned. An individual can expect to pay nearly $30 to $80 per hour. This will include the cost of the labour, and everything will be mentioned in the contract. And so, time is directly proportional to the cost.

V. Location

The location where you live can also affect the cost of a replacement in Sydney. If the area or locality where you reside is far away and not easily accessible, The installers will have trouble reaching your address, which can influence the cost. The floors of the property can also increase the charges. 

VI. Additional Services

When the gutter is extremely dirty and has screws loose, making the gutter tilted, the installers will need to perform cleaning and realignment before starting the installation or replacement process. These additional services can also increase the overall cost of the project.

7. Hiring A Professional Or DIY, Which Is Better For Gutter Guard Installation

DIY can surely decrease the cost of installation, as you do not need to pay for the labour cost. However, DIY is only a great option when you possess the necessary skills to install the gutter guards using the various techniques. However, doing the installation by yourself will require you to invest your valuable time and effort into the project. You can make this task a home improvement project with simple and easy-to-install gutter guards. If you have foam and brush gutter guards, then DIY can be easily done over the gutters. However, there are some risks in DIY, such as reaching the top position with the ladder.

You will also require all the suitable equipment and should have proper knowledge of how to use it. The list contains downpipes and their elbows, brackets, cordless drills, tin snips, self-tapping screws, stop ends, and a hacksaw. There are a few things that you need to take off, and be aware of the fact that you will not be able to handle the project like a professional will. There are possibilities that you can make mistakes, which can cost you even more than hiring a professional in the first place. If you don’t want that to happen, then you can seek the services of a professional.

Pros & Cons Of Using A Gutter Guard

Concluding Thoughts

The cost of gutter guard installation or replacement in Sydney in 2024 is influenced by a variety of factors. This includes the size and accessibility of your property, the complexity of your gutters, the types of gutter guards and their materials, and the rates of labour. All of these factors play an important role in deciding the overall cost. To make sure that you achieve your desired results, you should hire a professional guard installer for this job. By investing in top-quality gutter guards, you can protect your home from water damage, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance its overall value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gutter guards, also known as gutter covers, leaf guards, leaf filters, and gutter screens, are devices that are effective in keeping gutter systems free from leaves, debris, and pests. This makes your gutter system clog-free. The purpose of a gutter guard is to keep your roof free from water and minimise the risk of structural damage. There are a variety of gutter guards available, such as plastic PVC screen, metal mesh guard, aluminium perforated cover, steel screen, foam guard, micro-mesh, etc., so you can select the most suitable one.

Adding good-quality gutter guards complements the overall look of your home. It can make your home more appealing, and you will also get a good amount from potential buyers. The addition of gutter guards increases the functionality and lifespan of the property. It will also reduce the task of cleaning the gutter.

Gutter guards help keep your gutter system free from debris such as leaves, tiny branches, and other such things. Also, it is true that it reduces the frequency of routine cleaning, but it does not require any maintenance or cleaning. You have to offer timely maintenance and cleaning to your gutter guards so that they can perform at their best. With proper maintenance, you can add more years to your gutter guards.

The durability of your gutter guard is dependent on the manner in which you treat it and how often you offer it maintenance and cleaning. There is also the role of weather in influencing the lifetime of gutter guards. However, in the best conditions, the guard’s lifespan is considered to be between 10 and 20 years, followed by perforated aluminium covers and gutter helmets. If you have installed plastic PVC screens and brush guards, then they will last for nearly 10 years.

Installing guards over gutters reduces the frequency of cleaning gutters, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to clean your gutters. Speaking in general terms, you need to clean your gutters at least three times a year. It will maintain their efficiency in doing the work. If you don’t want to clean the gutter by yourself, then you can hire any professional gutter cleaning company to do the job.

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