How To Become a Security Guard in 7 Steps

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Contrary to the belief of many people that becoming a security guard doesn’t require much effort, it is actually one of the most rewarding professions out there. A security officer is the one who is ready to live their lives just to save the people and property they are supervising. The kind of security that one would be in charge of depends upon the type of designation or post that they opt for. 

No matter what their post is, one thing is certain: the security guard will be in charge of ensuring the safety and security of a given property or possession. With so many technicalities and information out there, it actually gets a bit confusing for individuals who are on their path to becoming a novice security guard. To make it convenient enough for you to opt for the right path, we’re here with info on how to become a security guard in 7 easy steps.

What Exactly Does A Security Guard Do?

Security Guard Do

Security guards are the personnel that are specialised to patrol and safeguard a specific area with the view of preventing any sort of illegal or unwanted activity from taking place. It also includes saving and preventing any harm or theft from taking place in the chosen possession. This includes being ready to face any kind of challenge that might come in their way of safeguarding the chosen people and property.

In layman’s terms, the job of a security guard consists of the following responsibilities:

  • Keeping an eye out for any kind of suspicious activity that might lead to theft, vandalism, robbery, or terrorist activity.
  • Safeguarding the designated buildings, whether they’re commercial or private, from any kind of harm.
  • Informing law enforcement authorities in the instance of noticing a suspicious activity taking place.
  • Keeping an account or log of the visitors on the premises.
  • screening on individuals to check for any kind of prohibited item.
  • In case of an emergency, call the paramedics, cops, or fire department as per the need.
  • Maintaining proper orderliness on the premises that they are in charge of.

Steps To Become A Security Guard

Don’t confuse the role of a security officer with that of someone who safeguards the designated possession only, as it consists of a lot more than that. Every day acts as a new chapter in their lives, wherein they have to prove their worth and push past their own limits. Despite the common belief that a career in the security industry isn’t that advantageous, this industry can actually offer a really fulfilling career to all those who have an interest in the security profession.

1. Know About Your Role And Responsibilities

Security Guard Responsibilities

None of the jobs are the same, and even the same job of a security guard differs a lot when it comes to different types of security guards. Some of them are unarmed security guards, event security guards, patrol guards, government security guards, residential guards, and bodyguards. This is where the importance of knowing about your role and responsibilities comes into play. For it, one needs to begin gathering every possible knowledge of what exactly the role of a security guard is and what responsibilities he or she needs to undertake.

As already quoted above in the security line itself, there are various types of security officers; thus, the individual needs to consider exactly which type of security officer he or she is aiming to become. Doing so is crucial, as accordingly, the individual would be learning and grabbing all the various rules and regulations regarding the job. This will also help him or her plan the course of action to be followed in regards to opting for an education and training course. Furthermore, it will also aid the interested candidate in building a strong framework for his future course of employment.

2. Get Relevant Education And Training

_Education And Training

Right after you’ve obtained the necessary knowledge of how you can get started with becoming a security professional, now comes the part of acquiring the necessary education and training for the specific security role that you are going to get assigned. As the role of a security professional is to protect the peace and safety of the general public, the security industry in Australia is regulated by the Security Industry Act 1997. Thus, an individual needs to complete a specific set of licences and qualifications in order to become a real professional in their respective field.

At first, one needs to obtain a security licence based on the role they want to get hired for. They also need to pass a recognised security course that properly covers various aspects such as communication skills, legal aspects of security, conflict resolution, and basic first aid as well. A legal background check is also done by the national police, which will make sure that the candidate doesn’t have any kind of criminal record. Additionally, the security personnel will also go through a medical assessment to ensure they are physically healthy and fit for their respective roles. Being proficient in communication and having the necessary certifications is also mandatory when it comes to becoming a security officer.

3. Enhance Various Skills

Enhance Various Skills

Besides the basics, there are a number of skills that a security professional needs to excel in to become a full-fledged professional. It includes communication skills, observational skills, leadership skills, and more. Having good communication skills would help the individual engage in effective interaction with the required party whenever required. This includes both written and verbal communication skills, as at times the security officer might need to prepare written reports as well. Possessing good communication skills would definitely aid you in communicating confidently with visitors, colleagues, and individuals involved in security incidents.

In addition to that, being observant is a foundational skill for all security officers. By being active, one can properly notice any sort of uncommon or unusual happening in their surroundings. For it, an individual needs to train themselves to build a keen eye for every sort of suspicious activity going on, unauthorised individuals entering the premises, or any kind of potential threat. By doing so, one can take the required steps that are needed at the given moment.

4. Look For A Job And Gain Practical Experience

Practical Experience

Nothing can beat the experience and exposure that come with a real on-site job. After collecting all required knowledge and training, the next step is to gain some practical experience by working in a real environment that includes working in different security settings like residential complexes, event venues, or commercial spaces. This way, the candidate would be able to get exposed to a number of challenges and scenarios, which is surely a means of applying the learned skills in real-world situations.

Doing so will also help the candidate understand the importance of acting professionally and following a professional code of conduct. For it, the individual needs to come to work on time, act professionally and kindly towards everyone around, and grooming and mannerisms must be on point. For securing a job, the candidate can go through the available sources as per their liking. At the time of getting hired as a security guard, the employer might ask for a background check, if not already done.

5. Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

There is nothing constant in this world, and the security industry is also evolving a lot. With every passing day, new technologies, regulations, and techniques are emerging, and being in line with them becomes a necessity in order to stay ahead of the competition. Thus, it’s crucial to stay informed about the on-going trends and advancements taking place. For it, one can attend the various conferences, seminars, and workshops taking place that would help the security personnel increase their expertise and stay updated with the trend.

Times may come wherein the security officer might need to adjust himself or herself according to changing security needs. These are the times when the need for adjustment arises and the security person needs to show his or her effectiveness on the job. If the security professional doesn’t inculcate the required changes, there is a probability that he or she might fall short of getting the required exposure to the real professional world.

6. Embrace Learning While Working

Embrace Learning While Working

When it comes to the security industry, just securing a job for yourself isn’t enough at all, as it’s an industry that is concentrated with a lot of competition. The scope of learning and seeking is always there; one just needs to channel his or her efforts in an adequate manner and needs to have a growth mindset in order to look for improvement. To help oneself grow and embrace learning while working, they can look for positive feedback from their colleagues, supervisors, and clients as well to identify all possible areas for improvement and work on addressing them.

At times, one might come across some seniors of yours who have been in the industry for a long time. They are the ones who can guide the novice security officer through the ups and downs of their professional career. Despite looking inefficacious, it carries a lot of significance as they are the professionals who have already walked down the path that the apprentice officer is about to follow.

7. Build Your Network And Consider Specialisation

Build Your Network And Consider Specialisation

The eminence of establishing and carving out a network in the security industry can’t be underlined at all. With it, one also needs to consider specialisation in a specific security line in which he or she will be looking for long-term success. Having a good network around you will help you build fruitful relationships with other security professionals, security companies, and even other industry professionals as well. This means more chances of growth opportunities are there. For this, the individual can take part in various industry events taking place to build his or her reputation.

The scope of the security guard field isn’t limited to just a single position, as it offers a number of specialisations. It includes options like fire safety, armed security, cybersecurity, or working in specific environments like hospitals or airports, etc. Thus, it’s advised to first learn a bit about the areas of interest that one likes. For it, they can even pursue additional training and certifications and highlight their specialisation on the resume to stand out from the competition.

Final Considerations

Being one of the most rewarding careers out there, becoming a security guard is a sure-fire way of attaining professional success. The average salary that a security officer gets is also quite nominal, making it a desirable profession to pursue. The most important thing worth keeping in mind is to follow all the basic steps in order to possess oneself with all the required abilities to become a real professional. Finally, yet importantly, the individual must have the aim of embracing the process instead of just securing a job to become a highly respected and skilled security professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although the basics of a security guard consist of so many aspects, the most important ones can be categorized into three categories: skills, knowledge, and responsibilities. Under the knowledge part comes having due knowledge of matters relating to various security and safety procedures. For the skills part, the candidate needs to have good communication, observation, and problem-solving skills. The most crucial aspect that the security officer needs to have is the responsibility part, under which he or she needs to protect the people or possessions he or she is in charge of. Plus, he or she needs to keep a keen eye on any suspicious or abnormal activity going on. In addition, the security guard needs to patrol the possessions he or she is in charge of in order to maintain proper control over the place.

Although a security guard needs to have a number of qualities, the most important five are observation and situational awareness, knowledge and procedures, reliability and integrity, communication and de-escalation skills, professionalism, and customer service skills. All these qualities are interlinked in some manner, and thus learning and acquiring them isn’t hard at all.

The basic training for security guards consists of a number of skills and a good amount of knowledge that is given to help them perform their duties in a much better way. But the specific content to be taught may vary based on the location where it’s being given. Still, the basic elements of it include making the candidate aware of the various legal responsibilities and limitations, emergency response procedures, improving their communication skills, teaching them patrolling techniques and surveillance methods, report writing, and much more.

Being one of the noble professions out there in Australia, the average salary of a security guard in Australia ranges from $55,000 to $80,000. One must note that it is just a range and not the actual figures that the security officer will earn, as the actual pay is based on a lot of factors like experience, industry, location, qualifications, etc.

Yes, one might say that security is a good job in Australia based on a lot of factors, like the fact that the fact that there’s a lot of demand going on for this particular job, which sums up as good job security and better opportunities for career progression as well. Furthermore, it’s quite easy to enter this industry as compared to other ones. The work environments or settings in which the security guard can work also vary a lot, such as retail stores, office buildings, construction sites, and much more. The benefits and salary that a security officer gets are also quite competitive and well-paying.

When it comes to the working hours of a security guard in Australia, it amounts to around 8–12 hours on a daily basis and around 20–40 hours on a weekly basis. It must be noted that these are just average figures, and the actual hours might differ based on the employer.

The type of knowledge and qualification that you need to attain will depend on the specific security role that you are going to be assigned. The interested candidate needs to complete a specific set of qualifications, security courses, and licenses in order to become a professional in the security line. The provided security course will cover all the different fundamental aspects of being a security guard, such as communication skills, legal aspects of security, conflict resolution, and basic first aid as well.

The amount of training that a security guard receives depends on a lot of factors. Some of these factors include the licensing requirements of the chosen state or territory, employer requirements, and initiatives taken by the individual himself or herself. No matter what sort of security officer one is aiming to become, he or she has to complete the mandatory training that includes Certificate II in Security Operations (CPP20218).

A legal background check called the nationally coordinated criminal history check (NCCHC) is done by the national police, which will make sure that the candidate doesn’t have any kind of criminal record. It’s mandatory to pass the police check to obtain a security license in order to become a security guard.

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