How To Clean Carpets: DIY Methods With Professional Results (2024)

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The carpet of our home holds power to transform the vibe of the environment. The soft and beautiful carpet offers you comfortable sitting; you can enjoy watching movies or reading a book.

But it is not easy to maintain its original and fresh condition. Our carpets experience lots of things such as muddy shoes, spots of food, pet hair, spots of red wine and many more things. Each of you must have faced these problems. It would be best if you would remove the dirt and dust from the carpet before it gets deep settled in the carpet. The more footfall your carpet will experience, the more maintenance it will require.

If you treat your carpet in the right manner, offer timely cleaning and maintenance, then it will increase the life of the carpet. Now the question arises, what is the right way to clean the carpet. So here we are detailing some of the practical tips from professionals that will help you in clean carpet.

Clean Carpet Using DIY Techniques

If anything happens to your carpet, then you should not panic and rush to the dry cleaner. With some ingredients, you can clean your carpet at home too. Here we are providing some of the effective practical tips that will help you in removing the stains from the carpet.

1. Avoid Rubbing Stains

Avoid Rubbing Stains

Don’t start scrubbing when you first see the stain over the carpet because it will stain the whole carpet. You have to gently dab stain with the cleaning solutions with a clean piece of towel and sponge. Blotting spots helps in removing the stain. By putting slight pressure on the strain spot, soak the area. If you rub the particles, then dust particles will get inside the fibers and lead to premature breakage. Also, you should blot inward direction towards the center, not in the outwards direction.

2. Clean Carpet With Shampoo

Clean Carpet With Shampoo

Before starting the cleaning process of your carpet, you should check out which material your carpet is made up of, is it natural, synthetic or made of other fibers. We are advising this because it will help you in choosing the right cleaning process. If the stains over the carpet have already dried, then you have to prepare your carpet for wet cleaning. Then, you have to shampoo the carpet and let it dry completely so that no mold condition occurs.

3. Try Shaving Cream

Try Shaving Cream

The ordinary shaving cream is very effective in removing the general stains from the carpet. You have to apply shaving cream directly to the stained area and let it be there for about 30 minutes. After some time, blot it with a dry cloth. Next, clean the area with a solution of white vinegar and water. And lastly, finish the cleaning by wiping that area with a dry cloth.

4. Dish Soap Also Works

Dish Soap Also Works

If your carpet experiences greasy stains, it becomes challenging to clean them. But with the use of the right product and method, you can clear your carpet from tough greasy spills. You will require grease-cutting dish soap, along with warm water. Mix both things and prepare a soapy solution. Take the complete solution inside the spray bottle and let the grease-stained area soak the solution. After this, blot the area with a white cloth. Depending upon the age and size of the stain, continue the cleaning process.

5. Ice Cube For Removing Chewing Gum

Ice Cube For Removing Chewing Gum

We all must be familiar with this scenario: stepping inside the home with stuck chewing gum in shoes or other footwear and getting to know when it creates a mess on the house carpet. Then what can be done to remove that sticky mess? The best trick is to use the ice from the freezer and place it on a stained area. You have to press the ice cube over the gum for at least 30 to 40 seconds. The gum will start turning solid, and you can now easily lift that gum with a spoon and knife. Also, you can remove the carpet strands that are stuck with gum. By this process, the chewing gum spot will vanish from the carpet.

6. Remove Wax With Heat

Remove Wax With Heat

Sometimes the burning candle can drop some wax over the carpet, and it gets hard and embedded inside the carpet. You have to heat the wax and bring it to the semi-liquid form so that you can remove it easily. Spot the wax-stained area, place a piece of cloth over that and use iron to melt the wax. Then, you can scrape the soft wax by using the butter knife or comb.

7. Hydrogen Peroxide Removes Blood Stains

Hydrogen Peroxide Removes Blood Stains

Bloodstains over the carpet are unsightly. Sometimes a few drops of blood get dropped on the carpet due to some cut on the finger. It does not imply that your rug will remain permanently stained. Hydrogen peroxide will work best in this condition. If bloodstain gets dried over the carpet, then add a solution of water and detergent over it so that it can get loose. After that, take a butter knife and try to remove the bloodstain as much as possible. If the bloodstain is still there, then apply hydrogen peroxide over the stain. Fizzing sound and foam will appear when the solution reacts with the blood. After a few minutes, clear out hydrogen peroxide and the remaining residue of blood with a white cotton cloth.

8. Comb Can Remove Crushed Candy

Remove Crushed Candy

If kids live in your home, it is most obvious that you will find crushed candy on the carpet. Candy being sweet in nature leads to infected areas attracting dirt and debris. Thus as soon as you notice such stains, you should try to remove them. First, with the help of a butter knife, you have to scrape out that area and then soak the stained area with the solution of mild soap. The dipped sponge can help you in this process. And you should keep in mind that you have to remove all sweets from the carpet because if any residue remains there, it will keep on attracting dust particles. After finishing the cleaning process, you should blot the area with clean and dry paper or a towel.

9. Ensure Deep Cleaning Of Your Carpet

Deep Cleaning Of Your Carpet

For maintaining the fresh and vibrant look of your carpet, you should offer deep cleaning to it on a regular basis. You can use a steam cleaner in this process. Cleaning is done by injecting a cleaning solution deep into the carpet, and then the machine takes out the cleaning solution and dust from the carpet. The hot water loosens the inside soil of the carpet and results in a cleaner carpet.

10. Bright Carpet With Lemon Juice

Bright Carpet With Lemon Juice

The light coloured carpets such as yellow, white, beige, and other soft colors do not hide the stains over them. Thus to keep these carpets fresh and clean, you can use lemon juice. It is well known that lemon contains whitening properties. Therefore, dilute it and properly apply it all over the carpet surface. Lemon juice removes stains and dust that are accumulated in the carpet.

11. Use Soda For Eliminating Odors

Use Soda For Eliminating Odors

For removing odors from the carpet, you have to enter your pantry. Pick up the box of soda and uniformly sprinkle it over the surface of the carpet. Let it sit for 15 minutes, and then vacuum it properly. The baking soda will absorb the odor, and you will get an odor-free carpet.

 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Window

Mistakes You Should Avoid While DIY Carpet Cleaning

If you are planning to clean your rug or carpet on your own, then you should pay attention to some of these common mistakes and try to avoid them.

  • Don’t brush or scrub your carpet with much pressure. For example, if you use a rotating brush with pressure over the carpet, then the fiber of the rug will come out, and that will give a fuzzy look to your carpet.
  • Don’t allow detergent, shampoo, foam, or another cleaning agent’s residue in your carpet. These residues are sticky and attract dirt particles. Thus you should give proper time while cleaning the carpets.
  • You should use fresh water for each rotation and don’t rush through the entire process. Instead, let steam or vapor spike the fibers of the carpet and continue your process until the water tank gets empty.
  • You should not walk on damp rugs or carpets. Doing this will cause your rugs to appear flat and worn.
  • Allow proper ventilation and sunlight for your carpet after its cleaning. It will dry the inside padding of carpets. Also, the risk of mold formation will be reduced. You can use a dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture content of the carpet.

Wind Up

When any pair of shoes step inside your home, dirt, dust, stains and odors get accumulated over your carpet, and it’s a challenging task to maintain the original condition of the carpet. The above described practical tips will help you maintain the best condition of your soft and luxurious carpets. We hope that your carpet gets better days with our handy tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can clean your carpet effectively with little effort at home. Take a clean piece of cloth and blot excess moisture. Take a bowl or small bucket and add vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:3. With the help of a scrub brush, rub the entire carpet surface by dipping bristles into solution. Thoroughly massage them into fibers and clear them out with clear water.
Professionals know their work, and depending upon the condition and type of stains over the carpet, they prefer using the right technique. Professionals follow steam cleaning, hot water extraction, bonnet cleaning, dry powder cleaning, and encapsulation cleaning to make the stained carpet brand new. They take care of carpet fabric and deliver it in the most cleaned condition.
The safest carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning. It is because, in this method, 97% of dirt and dust is removed along with bacteria. With steam, the lowest layer of the carpet also gets cleaned, and you get a completely cleaned and dust-free carpet.
Everyone wants to use the cleaned carpet as soon as possible after cleaning. Thus, you can try these things to make your carpet dry more quickly.
  • Maintain Good Air Flow
  • Use A Fan
  • Go With Towel Dry
  • Hang It In Sunlight
Drying carpet after its complete cleaning is a little tough. You have to keep patience in making it dry completely. You only have to use the required skills and efforts in making your carpet look brand new without the help of professionals.
You should scrub the stain over your carpet gently with an old brush, towel or toothbrush. There is no need to soak the entire surface of the carpet. You should blot inward direction towards the center, not outward. Just make it wet enough so that dust stains can be scrubbed. Remove stains with scrubbing and clean the carpet with a clean cloth. After that, turn on fans and open windows to let the carpet dry.
With some easily available household solutions such as vinegar, salt and baking soda, you can prepare a cleaning solution that will effectively clean the carpet. Firstly soften the stained carpet by adding fabric softeners such as hot water, vinegar (clear form), and detergent. After that, apply the cleaning solution to the desired surface and let it do its work. Clean the treated area with cloth and water. Allow your carpet to dry completely.
The most common reason behind this is residue. When you are cleaning your carpet, the soil particles trapped in loops will come to the surface, but it remains in the carpet with insufficient cleaning. Subsequently, the residue will stay even after the rug or carpet dries. The residue of cleaning solutions, soap and shampoo are sticky in nature and catch dirt and dust. Because of this reason, your carpet may appear dirty after cleaning.
Vacuuming your carpet is a very effective process in cleaning them properly. The large particles of soil get eliminated with this process. After your cleaned carpet gets dried, vacuum it again so that all soils come out that are wicked to the surface during drying.

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