How to Fight Stains and Make Your Teeth Whiter

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More than 72% of young people in Australia are exceeding the recommended sugar intake prescribed by the World Health Organization. This ultimately becomes one of the most significant reasons behind yellow teeth or tooth stains. But this is not the only culprit behind all the dental issues, as on a daily basis, people do a lot of stuff that leads to bad dental health. But most people, being unaware of those factors, keep on following the same habits.

While there’s no permanent solution for whitening the teeth except professional teeth whitening, there are some considerations and time-tested remedies that one can take into account in order to whiten your teeth and improve their overall appearance. Keep on reading as we will talk about what the natural colour of teeth is, different factors that cause tooth stains, and how to find them looking for a reliable solution.

Debunking The Myth: Are Teeth Supposed To Be White?

Contrary to the common belief that many people have that yellow teeth are unhealthy, having a bit of a yellow tint in the teeth is actually natural. There are, in fact, a number of causes behind the discolouration of teeth, and their colour isn’t the only indicator of one’s oral health. One’s teeth might have a thicker enamel layer that would protect them from having yellow teeth. Thus, don’t fall for the fallacy that only white teeth are healthier.

Causes Of Teeth Stains or Yellow Teeth

Causes Of Yellow Teeth Or Teeth Stains

Don’t just think that the discoloration of your teeth is a result of the surface stains; it might have occurred due to some changes done to your tooth material as well. Broadly, dental experts have categorised the tooth discoloration process into three kinds, i.e., extrinsic teeth stain, intrinsic teeth stain, and age-related teeth stain. Extrinsic teeth stain is the staining on the surface of the tooth, while intrinsic teeth stain is the staining that takes place inside or below the tooth itself. Age-related teeth stains occur due to the changes that occur in the teeth with time.

Take a look at some factors that make one’s teeth yellow or stain them.

1. Wrong Food Habits

Not just one or two, but there are a number of foods that affect the way your teeth look and stain them over time. Along with coffee and tea, a lot of foods and beverages affect the colour of your teeth. Most of these are starch- and sugar-based foods that collectively cause stains on the teeth. Balsamic vinegar, curry, pasta sauce, wines, colas, energy sports drinks, fruit juices, and certain fruits and vegetables like apples, berries, and potatoes are some of the main foods that stain your teeth. Food dye added in various eateries might be another cause behind the discoloration of the teeth.

2. Consumption Of Tobacco

Intake of tobacco and tobacco-based products is another reason that causes teeth stains for a number of individuals. Tobacco is one of the worst substances to consume because it causes the enamel to wear out over time. This makes the dentin, which is already a bit yellow in colour, get exposed. As the enamel layer keeps on wearing out, the teeth will continue to look more and more yellow in colour. Not treating these issues is likely to cause gum disease over time. Those who smoke are more likely to face the problem of irritated gums, as chemicals in tobacco damage the gums.

3. Bad Dental Healthcare

To maintain proper dental health for yourself, you need to follow a proper dental regime that will help you keep dental problems at bay. At first, it might not cause issues, but with time, plaque might start to build up, which ultimately leads to yellow teeth. To stay protected from all these issues, it’s advised to practise regular brushing and flossing that will keep the natural colour of your teeth intact. Doing so becomes a necessity when you are habitually eating or drinking dark-coloured items like tea, coffee, red wine, berries, and some sauces.

4. Medicines Intake

There are certain kinds of medicines and some medical treatments, like chemotherapy, undergoing which one might experience tooth discoloration. Generally, it includes antihistamines, antibiotics, and high-blood pressure medications. Consuming these antibiotics causes brown stains on the teeth. Although there’s no alternative to avoiding these stains from occurring on the teeth, certain active whitening ingredients might work their part in reducing the stain.

5. Due To Genes

If your parents had some sort of dental problem like dentinogenesis imperfecta or amelogenesis imperfecta, chances are that you will also face the same kind of issues in the coming future. It’s no wonder that transparent tooth enamel can also be inherited, just as whiter and thicker enamel. In those cases, the probability that teeth-whitening products will work for you is almost zero.

6. Due to Aging

Experiencing tooth discoloration is a completely natural process for every individual, as with age, their tooth enamel goes on becoming thinner. This exposes the underlying dentin to become more and more visible; it’s already a bit yellow in colour. Not just due to age, but years of poor oral hygiene add up to cause discoloration after a certain time period.

Trusted Ways To Fight Stains And Make Your Teeth Whiter

Fight Stains And Make Your Teeth Whiter

You will find millions of ways and methods mentioned on the internet about whitening the teeth, but most of them don’t really work at all. Plus, it won’t be possible for you to try out every single remedy, as it will consume a lot of your time and efforts in doing so. The first crucial step to reverse the tooth stain removal process would be to find out the reason that caused the stain. Ranging from eating certain foods to using certain chemicals, we’ve followed some of the most commonly used ways of fighting stains and making your teeth whiter.

1. Baking Soda

It is one of the most commonly used natural products that works wonders for whitening the teeth. Baking soda works so fine that it gently polishes away all the stains from the surface of the teeth. Either you can go for the baking soda alone or combine it with hydrogen peroxide to form a thick paste that you will be brushing on the teeth. Not only does it remove the stains, but it also works great for removing plaque buildup and bacteria from the teeth. To use it, you have to brush your teeth using the formed paste and rinse it after a while. It’s advised to use this paste only once a month to get the most effective results for yourself.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Despite some people having a contrary belief that apple cider vinegar doesn’t work, using it in very sufficient quantities is expected to cause a great benefit to whiten the teeth. Either you can use the vinegar in its 100% concentrated form or make a mouthwash of it by mixing it with water. You need to swish this solution for at least 30 seconds and rinse it out after brushing for a while. In many studies, it was found that vinegar also works great for removing the bacteria that weaken the enamel. Just make sure not to overuse it, as it could damage the surface of the teeth.

3. Eating Habits

For attaining healthier and whiter teeth, just eating some healthier food items won’t be enough, as one needs to inculcate and follow some healthy eating habits as well. This will include changing the constituents of your food. This will include adding more high-fibre, starchy-carbohydrate foods and eating more fruits and vegetables. Plus, you need to stop consuming those food items that cause the problem of staining, like wine and tea, coffee, dark sodas, excessive citric foods, and certain juices.

4. Better Dental Health Practices

Along with following healthy eating habits, one also needs to follow some good dental health practices, which will allow the individual to keep possible dental health issues at bay. Some of these practices include waiting at least 30 minutes after eating a meal and brushing. Doing so is advised, as the acid in the food eaten might cause damage to the tooth enamel after brushing. With it, they suggest that one should wait to brush regularly but not aggressively at all. Having an appointment with a dental expert is another suggestion worth following. Using mouthwash and flossing once a day are some other great pieces of advice.

5. Oil Pulling

It’s a process of rinsing your mouth with a chosen oil, all aimed at whitening and improving your teeth’s health. Researchers have proven that oil pulling helps to reduce and eliminate a number of bacteria from the mouth, which decreases the risk of facing different health issues. For it, you get all different oil options, but coconut oil is the most popular option. Not only does it eliminate bacteria, but it also helps you get rid of all kinds of dirt and debris found on your teeth. On an empty stomach, you need to rinse your mouth with the chosen oil and spit it out.


If you’re like most people, you probably know that your teeth can get stained from a range of things. From coffee to red wine, there’s nothing stopping stains from making their way onto your pearly whites. But that doesn’t mean that you need to continue living the same way, as there are a number of effective ways to eliminate those stains. By following all the above-mentioned tips, you’ll be able to keep your teeth clean and stain-free without having to resort to harsh chemicals or expensive treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have badly stained teeth, at-home methods might not work properly. For it, you either need to go for a professional teeth-whitening service or consider a dental cleaning. Other than that, some over-the-counter methods include using whitening toothpaste or whitening strips or trays, but that must be done after a dentist consultation only.

Yes, for extrinsic teeth stains, a professional teeth-whitening service can work very well. This will either include a laser-based treatment or using a whitening gel. With it, there are a number of other considerations that one can take into account, including using whitening toothpaste and whitening strips or trays. Along with that, to avoid facing the same dental issues in the future, consider following healthy dental health practices and refraining from smoking or consuming tobacco.

One of the best methods to whiten your teeth within a short period of time is to use a mixture of baking powder and lemon juice. Use this paste to brush your teeth clean and rinse it off with normal water to get effective results. Although there’s no assurance that this method will work, it’s advised to try it out based on the reviews people have given for it.

The possibility that the stain will go away or not depends on the kind of stain. If it’s caused by tooth decay or fluorosis, it is most likely irreversible. But if it’s due to consuming certain foods and drinks, it will eventually go away once you brush it appropriately. In cases of age-related stains, only a professional teeth-whitening service will work.

Contrary to the common belief that many people have, having a slight yellow tint (off-white) on the teeth is completely natural. Plus, having a light-yellow tint on the teeth is a sign of healthy teeth. There are a number of factors that, combined, affect the colour of your teeth.

Using coconut oil may or may not help you whiten your teeth, as there’s no clear evidence backing its purposefulness for whitening the teeth. Still, one can use it for oil pulling and see if it provides effective results for them or not.

There are a number of food items that are considered good for whitening the teeth. Some of them include some crunchy fruits and vegetables, strawberries, pineapple, dairy products, leafy green vegetables, citrous fruits, nuts, and seeds.

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